Connie Myres releases her Free Fiction under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. For an official explanation of this, visit the  Creative Commons website.

In a more specific explanation (inspired by Brandon Sanderson’s explanation), this means that:

1) You are free to share this book with anyone you like, provided you don’t change the document at all or profit from the distribution.

2) You may print off copies of the book for personal use, but may not profit from doing so.

3) You may not change the text of the work in any way, or imply that you wrote the book.

4) You may not add chapters to the end or alter the work. Do not attach fan art to the document. You must clearly explain that any fan art is not mine or related officially to the project.

5) Fanfiction may not be attached to this work or imply they are my work. In addition, by writing a fanfic that uses Connie’s characters or that is related to her work in any way, you waive all rights to that work.

6) By offering feedback, you waive all rights to those suggestions and waive all rights to compensation for your help.

Connie Myres

December 2020