Pacie Rose Citizen Reporter

Connie is still working on this book. Read chapters as she writes them!

Slenderman: Pacie Rose Citizen Reporter

When children begin disappearing, taken by what witnesses call Slenderman, will investigative reporter Pacie Rose be able to stop the tall, skinny entity in a black suit before it makes Black Water a permanent home?

Pacie Rose is picking strawberries with her family when her sidekick calls with news of a child’s abduction. As Black Water’s beloved investigative reporter, she takes on the task of stopping the growing list of casualties caused by this madman. No one is safe, not even her family.

Abductions, murder, and suicides have spiked in the Lake Michigan resort town of Black Water necessitating the help of Pacie Rose. But will she crumble when the slender man comes for her?

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