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After reviewing my chapters I realized that I skimped on the search efforts for locating the missing child. I found a document called Investigator’s Guide to Missing Child Cases. It’s from 1987 and in the public domain. My story isn’t totally realistic, but I want it to be realistic enough so that the reader can suspend disbelief and “temporarily allow oneself to believe something that isn’t true, especially in order to enjoy a work of fiction.” 

Here are a few things I found interesting.

  • The abductor often will return to volunteer to assist in the search in
    order to monitor the progress being made on the case.
  • To perform a ground search, the command post should divide the search area
    into grids. Each grid will be assigned to a “squad” or team to be searched.
  • Team members should be spaced no more than ten yards apart.
  • Each team member should wear a numbered “Day-GIo” vest or other visible means to
    identify him or her as a registered searcher.
  • Relatives should not be permitted to participate in the search but should be
    asked to remain at the command post.

I’ll be changing mostly the timing of events and have more mention of the search effort.

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