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I’m working on the novel Slenderman so I’d thought I’d post some of the notes I’ve been using to write it. These notes come from the book by Nick Redfern called The Slenderman Mysteries: An Internet Urban Legend Comes to Life. I didn’t know much about the Slenderman phenomenon so I had to do some research. I copied the notes below directly from my OneNote file.

My Slenderman Notes


• 8-9 ft tall

• skinny

• emaciated creature

• old-style black suit

• pale face, no eyes, nose, ears, or mouth

• arms and legs like a spider (long, thin, spindly)

• rubbery, octopus-like tentacles protrude from its torso (they wave and flicker ominously in your direction)

• foul breath

• whispers you are about to die or that is coming to take your soul

• slenderman will be back, he always comes back eventually Something Awful Website

• The Tall Man was a threat to children and lived in Germany’s Black Forest centures ago

• 4chan (Tulpamancers)

• bring a fictional entity to life, between wake-sleep, anger, séance,

• preditor in forest

• Chaos magic, create real-real version of a fictional entity

• mind-created Tulpa or thought-form

• Internet created

• Slenderman invades dreams

• H p Lovecraft

• Mad gasser and slenderman exude foul odors, entrancing mind control

• Similar to MIB, Mothman, Pale Man, The Tall Man Spirit or Walking Sam tell kids to kill themselves (Indian), the Pied Piper lead children to the place of their death,

• Creepypasta wiki, the girls from Wiskinson visited

○ stabbed schoolmate, thought the sacrifice would grant them entrance into the Slenderman’s personal abode. It was said to be a spatial, large house hidden deep int the heart of the Nicolet national Forest, creepy old mansion, best friends, Slenderman could read mind and teleport, red tie or skinny black tie,

• Also girl wearing hoodie, and a deathly pale mask, and wielding a large, sharp knife, waiting for her mother, had written about Slenderman in journal and images

• Feeds on emotions

• Can effect adults

• Faith and willpower fight it

• We have good in and outside us

• If we can manifest it we can make it go away

• Tapped into an overarching archetype that was already there, like the pied Piper of hamelin in 13th century Germany. Infested with rats. Pied (decorated, he wore colorful clown-like clothes)he played an enchanting hypnotic tune and lure them into the water of river and drown. Mayer paid him golden pennies. Mayer id not pay him so later he comes back with his pipe and lures the children into the side of the mountain, vanished while adults in church. He

• s tall and thin and wears a long half red and yellow coat.

• atmosphere of those enchanting woods had somehow shifted

• fog

• sleep paralysis

• speaks telepathically

• will follow you from child to adult

• face melted like putty

• resurrected ancient entity

• the trick to beating the Slenderman and him at bay is not to think about him. The problem is, that’s not the easiest thing to do.

• Dark City, The Matrix

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